Long Hair Restoration

In this method which is done exclusively in our clinic, the removed hairs from back of the head (2-8 centimeter) is implanted in the necessitous area.

The advantages of this method consists of:
1. the photos of implanted long hairs are taken after surgery and will compared to 6 month later photos after surgery
2. hair growth direction and hair line naturalness will be evaluated after operation
3. because of long hair existence during hair implantation in implanted site, it is not possible to implant two or many grafts in one incision (which is one of the complications in short hair transplantation) and cause acne and hair cyst in implanted area. In this method,we implant long hair(2-8 centimeter) without shaving. The one disadvantage to the patient is very obvious – it will be no secret to anyone that you have been transplanted for the first month after. This however may be much less problem than we as physicians suspect because the long hair covers the scalp and the placement sites thereby preventing the usual, even though typically minimal, micro-crusts and erythema visible in the usual short hair transplant. By the time the long hair is shed in 2-6 weeks, the tiny crusts and erythema have disappeared.From this prospective the long hair may disguise the procedure especially if other hair are present into which the newly transplanted hair can blend.The usual and customary shedding of hair shafts will still occur in the following 2-6 weeks and regrowth follow in the 3-12 months thereafter as is characteristic for all method of hair transplantation.


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